Curly Hair Files: Jessicurl Spiralicious and More!

This review is for a British Curlies order I placed awhile ago (I actually just received another one, so this is pretty overdue/expect another soon – curly hair is nothing if not thirsty for product!).

I have a love/hate affair with Jessicurl products. I LOVE the shampoos (Low or “no-poos” that are sulphate free) and conditioners, my hair just drinks them up and springs into curly shape. But when it comes to the stylers my hair has been mostly indifferent to/ in some cases hated them, I have no idea why. I don’t think it’s a particular ingredient though I could be wrong. The only thing my hair is iffy with is glycerin and mineral oil, neither of which feature in the line that I know of.

So when I heard Jessicurl was finally bringing out a gel that had actual hold in it, I was intrigued despite myself. Her Rockin’ Ringlets was decent enough on my hair but had absolutely no hold. And so I got sucked in and bought the new gel, Spiralicious.

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel:. The gel is opaque/white and runny and looks more like a curl cream, so right away I was dubious as to what if any hold it would offer. Because of its runny consistency I have to use a decent amount to lightly coat my hair. It distributes nicely enough; though it might be best to not put in soaking hair, as I do think a lot of it runs off the hair if you are not careful. I have used this product with and without curl cream, and in neither instance was I given any semblance of hold on my 3a/b mix curls. THAT SAID, this stuff is SUPER curl enhancing. My somewhat loopy curls spring up into ringlets that would make Shirley Temple weep. The shrinkage is CRAZY. I notice it has two lots of polyquats in the ingredients (sorry for curly gibberish speak!) which are notorious for making curls spring to life.

I think, dare I say it, that it even outdoes my beloved AG:Recoil on the curl formation front. Unfortunately, when used without a harder hold gel on top (and even sometimes when I do) I get pretty significant surface frizz with this. My arch nemesis, I just cannot abide surface frizz. I don’t care that my hair looks like Diana Ross in the 70’s and I could take Studio 54 by storm, no amount of good curls can distract me from the pesky frizz.

It’s just about bearable when I put some Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee on top and/or a bit of oil, but to be honest I don’t think I will re-purchase, I’ve come too far to go backwards into the land of the frizzy canopy. A real shame, if your hair is less frizz-prone than mine I would recommend trying it, because wow, does it ever make curls pop.

Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment: I had tried this before, so I knew I would most likely like it. And I do…but I don’t love it like I remember. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure this stuff has helped keep my hair looking decent in between haircuts (I’m really overdue one). I think I miss the old packaging; it used to come in a tub, now the very thick liquid is in a bottle, which is quite a pain in the bum to get a decent amount out of. Lots of stabbing my palm with the bottle, really a pest, and I can't control the size of the glob that eventually comes out. It’s rich and moisturizing, yet doesn’t weigh my hair down.

It’s full of good stuff like shea and cocoa butter and aloe leaf. Looking at the packaging I'm seeing it is recommended you leave this on for 20-30 minutes....ok wow hands up I have never left it on that long! I am totally trying that next time. I have read that some people leave this on overnight, that might be a thought too...I do get nice results just leaving it in for 10-15 minutes.

I think the fragrance has either been lessened or the batch I got was older, because I can barely detect the “Island Fantasy” fragrance anymore. It’s one of the few deep conditioners that moisturizes properly without leaving any kind of greasy residue, so I of course recommend it. I just miss the old packaging and smell. It’s very good value as it lasts for quite a while and does its job.

Mixed Chicks Kids Sample Pack: Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave In: I ordered this on a whim, I have sampled the Mixed Chicks Conditioner and Leave In before and it was a little bit heavy for my hair, and often the kids lines are lighter weight.

The conditioner and leave in were both nice, I can’t say I was blown away but they didn’t weight my hair down and moisturized it nicely. I don’t recall them having much scent, but it has been a wee while apologies! I haven’t used the shampoo because it looks like regular shampoo which I mostly avoid.

Curl Keeper Ultimate Hold Gel (free sample): My hair HATES the very popular Curl Keeper Frizz reducer serum stuff, so I wasn’t surprised it didn’t love this either. A runny gel that has more hold than Curl Keeper, I just get no curl definition from these products for whatever reason, but if you like Curl Keeper you might like it.

Taliah Waajid Herbal Comb Out (Free sample, British Curlies does rock with the free samples!): Again not designed for my hair type but I will try anything – it sounds like it’s meant to be a relaxer. I think it maybe smoothed my hair a bit but nothing magical happened so I doubt I would buy it. Pretty light and not greasy in texture once hair dried. I could see using this in place of a leave in conditioner, and I would be curious to see if it had any cumulative "relaxing" effect. I just checked the ingredients and it says it has no harsh chemicals - it does have glycerin and mineral oil though, so not for me.

So a bit hit and miss, as is expected in the life of a curly girl! I will recommend British Curlies (again) for any U.K. Curlies at a loss with high street or salon products. They have a very good selection of products from both Europe and America and run sales from time to time. Their packaging is always impeccable, and generally speedy. Thankfully, because when my inner product junkie kicks in I usually need my fix fast! ;-)


  1. I guess having curly hair is such a big struggle, like you can't use every shampoo and have to be careful about the products you choose! However curly hair looks really pretty :) x

    1. Thanks! It can feel like work, on wash days it takes forever to do my hair, but then I don't have to do it again for two or three days if I'm lucky! ;-)

  2. Everyone wants curly hair, but it really is the most finicky and time consuming! If all my hair curled the same way I might try to bother with them, but some wants to spiral, some wants to be soft beachy curls and most just wants to frizz. I feel like I need someone with more patience than me to do my hair :)

    1. Oh my curls are hardly uniform, sometimes I have pieces in back that are totally straight, drives me nuts! I let it air dry in the summer mostly, I get less frizz that way, I'm going to miss it! Do you use a diffuser on your hairdryer? It does help minimize it blowing everywhere if you are drying it naturally.

  3. I was hoping for some photos of your gorgeous curls. Those of us who don't have them want them and those with curls are so often trying to straighten them. My son has ringlets but of course that does not impress him at all and he is always putting a toque on his head when his hair is wet, in an attempt to flatten his curls. When he was a teenager we even experimented with a flat iron. I have waves, not quite curls but not cooperating for super straight styles either. I am trying to learn to embrace them. xoxo

    1. ha ha, thanks Shawna! Maybe I will put one up - the thing is there is never a guarantee that my hair will behave if I take a picture/do the whole wash product procedure - in fact it's more likely to just look awful just to spite me! Sometimes it looks better the second day, but most often when I've got nowhere to be/no particular need for it to look nice etc! Plus I haven't had a haircut since May so it has reached that really fluffy poodle stage!

    2. Also Jessicurl does do a line for wavy hair you might like! And the Aveda Smooth Infusion stuff, if you are straightening, really does work (It left my hair straight for three full days with a haphazard straightener effort by me) I was less convinced on it's progressive relaxing claims. (I really should review that one too!)


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