Sunday Confessions: November 29th

I confess: I was watching an old (but later) episode of The (American) Office, and it was one where the character Erin's ongoing gag of being a bit .... dim is revealed to include her total lack of hygiene (I think other episodes have revealed she doesn't wash her hands after using the loo). In this one we learn she uses other people's toothbrushes/doesn't see the point in owning her own. There's been other stuff...but the fact that she's so cute and adorable somehow you don't judge much? I don't know! I mean we all have our gross little tics, I paused to think this morning as I dug around my ear with a wet q-tip (cotton bud*) before inserting the dry end for that sweet illicit satisfaction. If loving q-tips is wrong I will never be right. Not even that horrific episode of Girls where she punctures her eardrum put me off!

I confess: I have never seen an Underworld movie. But one of the channels here (E4 I think) seems to be playing them all, one a week, in order. And I turned on a weird one last week where Kate Beckinsale wasn't even in it, I was like "Huh what is this Bill Nighy being a vampire weirdness?" I love Bill Nighy! ANYhoo, it then cut to a scene with Michael Blooming Serious Actor Sheen (ok I know he was in Twilight, but I think of him as a serious actor!). I like Michael Sheen, even when he's playing quite an unlikable character like his Dr. Masters in Masters of Sex. I have seen Michael Sheen do many a love scene and never once thought of him in that way. But Michael Sheen as a werewolf? Crazy hot! Almost laughable in his wig...but still.....that made me feel things.

I confess: I had two small glasses of (house, pub) Merlot yesterday, immediately got a headache, have one still, am never drinking Merlot again. In the words of Miles from Sideways "I'm not drinking f-ing Merlot!" - he knew what he was talking about!


  1. I have not watched either versions of the office, maybe eventually ;) I think being adorable really does excuse behavior because my cats have that on lock down.

    And q-tips in the ear is heavenly, i will never not clean my ears!

    1. I know, it's the best! I feel like my train of thought maybe got lost there - I don't think using a q-tip is gross, but its one of those "things you're not supposed to do" that I can't ever stop doing. :-) The British Office is so short, two seasons of something crazy like six episodes each(?) you could watch it really fast. And then The American Office season one is really finding its feet, imitating The British one before it gets its own rhythm. I'm actually just now seeing the later seasons for the first time.

  2. Just say no to merlot. LOL I crack myself up sometimes.
    I saw your pinterest collage thing on the right and I'm like "I need to check pinterest right friggin' NOW."
    Q-tips! I LOVE cleaning my ears. It is so satisfying.
    Okay, rupturing your eardrum? How does that happen? I mean, I'm sure it was on the show because it's a thing that happens (probably more frequently than I'd like to assume) - but really? Aren't these people STOPPING when they hit resistance? Who RAMS a Q-tip into their ear. It's nice, but damn, be gentle, people. So yeah. I guess some people get carried away? But I will never stop using them to clean my ears.

    1. To be fair the girl in the show was having a bit of a mental breakdown/ocd thing when it happened! But it's like the worst case scenario/can happen I guess! Man that merlot bit me in the ass, hard. And I had been craving red wine because I don't drink it often.


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