20 Curly Girl Problems!

1. Those days when you hair is perfect on one side and a frizzy mess on the other, for NO EXPLICABLE REASON because you did the exact same thing all over your head!

2. Having a good hair day when you have nowhere in particular to be – such a WASTE!

3. Knowing with complete certainty your hair is going to behave badly if you ever have a nice event to go to.

4. People try to touch your hair and it makes you stabby

5. Trying to find non-tacky scrunchies because elastics break your fragile curls.

6. Mastering the art of smiling politely whenever anyone says to you “Is THAT natural?”

7. Wanting so much to wear headbands but none of them sit quite right in your hair

8. Going through approximately 20 million bobby pins (uh "kirby grips" in the U.K.!) in your lifetime, because they disappear into your hair, never to be seen again!

9. Looking on Pinterest for nice natural curly hair ideas, to mostly find un-achievable pics like this

10. The only curly haircuts in your hairdresser’s magazines are straight out of the 80’s.

11. Buying straightening products in the fruitless hope they will make your curls look nicer.

12. “Why don’t you just straighten it?” is something people say to you with a straight face, as if this would not take up half of your life/is a complete insult to the fact you actually (mostly!) like your hair.


13. Never knowing how your hair is going to react to the WATER when you travel, thus not knowing which hair products to bring to deal with that particular situation!

14. Hoarding free samples of frizz reducing stuff that you know is bad for your hair but you keep “just in case” there are end times/all the hair products disappear.

15. Taking it as red that you are going to find curly insults everywhere in film/pop culture.

Making fun of curly hair is still an easy cheap shot, and if a woman in  film/t.v. does have curly hair you can bet she will have a "glam-over" and be straight haired by the end (See: The Princess Diaries, The Help, The Women, Felicity where the curls are slowly killed over time, the list goes on!)

16. This is your best camping/festival "look" after day one:

17. Knowing you must leave enough room in your suitcase for co-wash, conditioner, curl cream, gel, and maybe some frizz emergency stuff just in case. Oh, and throw in those free samples because you never know what your hair is going to get up to in the course of TWO days!

18. If you want to air dry your hair at night you need to shower by 7 p.m. But your hair will probably still be a bit damp when you go to sleep/therefore completely unpredictable when you wake up.

19. Not being able to pack your beloved  but ginormous dryer/diffuser for trips and knowing your hair will probably punish you for it. (Travel is basically a source of ALL of the stress!)

20. “How did you get your hair to do THAT?” is a question you have no answer for. But choose to take as a compliment!

But despite all this hassle, generally being happy with your never quite in fashion, unpredictable mop, because nothing worth having ever came easy!


  1. ha, yes yes YES! all the reasons why I don't wear my hair down, I just can't. So I just twist it into one or two bunches or buns. I just never know what mood it's going to be in once it dries! though I know usually it's going to be in a few moods, and look like crap in different ways. sigh. i'm even more inept with my hair than my makeup.

    1. Ha, it definitely has its own moods which we cannot control! ;-0 I did used to be a fan of two little buns, might have to re-visit that on days when my hair is nuts!

  2. All the yes.
    Sometimes my hair has this weird flippy curl thing at the bottom that looks like a 60's thing and people always ask how I did it and I'm like "um, I surrendered."

    This was hilarious. But for what it's worth, you do have gorgeous hair.

    1. Thanks Becky! I know, we have no control really! I would like to have a 60's flip, this a.m. it is more "rat's nest!" ;-0

  3. I wish I had big curly hair! One of my bff has the curliest and biggest hair, and I love touching it! It feels so fluffy and soft, I bet she hates it when I do that :) At least be happy that you don't need to find products which would give you volume, because your hair already has nice volume :)

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Ha ha, friends are MAYBE allowed to touch the hair! ;-) xo