Sunday Confessions

I confess: I am just getting to see Mad Men season 7....and I'm tripping out. It's so ominous and weird and I'm both riveted and sort of dreading what's next at the same time. I don't want it to end. Something about that particular era has always held sway. Someday I will make my Mom tell me the truth about what life was like in San Francisco in 1969 because...woah.

I confess: I feel like I had reverse PMT (that's what they call PMS here what?!), this week in that as the erm...lady river went on this week, I just got more and more crampy and thus rage-y and honestly today I felt like a howler monkey just looking for an excuse to tear someone's face off!

I confess: I am having what I think are mid life crisis urges to get another tattoo. I dunno. I've always felt like I got away lucky with my tattoo because it was an impulse thing but luckily it was done by a talented lady tattooist and almost twenty years later it still looks decent. Also, no one ever sees it really unless I want them to so that's cool, I don't have a Tweety Bird on my shoulder or whatever. But I've never stopped thinking about getting another one. But I feel a bit old to get one now. But that also makes me think "F*ck it, why not?!"

I confess: I have had this 80's ditty in my head for two days now, it's kind of driving me nuts, also because it's really not reflecting my mood at all but maybe that's the point? Thanks subconscious! It is sort of impossible to be moody listening to 80's pop! What ever happened to Nu Shooz...


  1. PMS or PMT is the pits no matter what you call it.

    My husband and I tried watching Mad Men when it first came out, but I was turned off by all the affairs and inner office romance. Bleh. Maybe I'll give it a go another time.

    1. PMT will never feel natural, certain British-isms I can adapt to but not that one! There isn't much office romance in later seasons (that I can think of). It feels more and more about the passage of time and history and sad weirdness. ;-0

  2. I haven't seen any of Mad Men yet. I still have so many other shows to get through that come higher on my desire list.
    Howler monkey metaphor is perfect!
    I feel like you're never really too old to get another tattoo, if it's what you want, you know?

    1. So many shows, and we need to watch them all! I feel ya!


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